Form 9 Unit 9 Lesson 3. Скрипты аудио к уроку

Скрипты аудио к уроку «Do you speak English and make mistakes?»

Ex 1b p.246

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-I learned Italian. No problem. It was a child’s play for me. The vocabulary was easy, the pronunciation was easy, everything was dead easy. But English is not a bed of roses. For example, in my language if you want to say «He likes school» you say: «Он любит школу.» If you want to ask a question, it’s the same: «Он любит школу?» In English you have to use do or… or…

-Yes, does. «Does he like school?» I don’t understand why you have to do that. Spelling is my biggest problem. It’s impossible to know how to pronounce the word when you see it for the first time. For example, «pear» is пэа but «dear» is диа. The same letters «ear», that’s 2 different pronunciations. It’s ridiculous.
-Some words are a hard nut to crack. Make and do, for example. It’s the same word in my language, but in English you need 2 words. You do your homework, but you make a cake. It’s so confusing. I always do a mistake with it.
-Make. You make a mistake, not do a mistake.

Ex 3 a p. 247

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-When I speak English, I’m too shy. I am afraid to make mistakes.

— You’re not alone, I know all about that. My wife Hin was like that. She used to get quiet when she was with others. Now she’s rather confident.

— Because she has you. You’re an expert in English. How do you help your students improve their speaking skills?

— Yeah, you’re right. I help them cope with their shyness.

-How do you do that?

-It’s daily mental practice. You can learn to stop worrying about making mistakes. You can learn to feel good about your efforts.

-I don’t feel good about my efforts. I feel that I can’t speak English properly.

-You can learn to tolerate your mistakes.

-OK. Tell me how I can learn not to worry about my mistakes.

-Don’t you see how well you are speaking English with me now?

-No, I don’t. I’m making a lot of mistakes. Is there anything I can read about it?

-Take a look at this article «How can I improve my spoken English».

-That sounds great. Thanks, Bob.

-You’re welcome, Sandra.

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