Form 7. Unit 9. Lessons 4-6

Form 7. Unit 9. Lessons 4-6

Additional material

Exercise 1

Match 2 parts of the words and translate them:

Compo- -oud
At- -ject
Al- -onary
Dicti- -tend
Pro- -sition

Exercise 2

Match the words and their definitions:

1.     flight A.   ability to read thoughts
2.     teleportation B.   ability to move through the air
3.     superspeed C.   ability to live forever
4.     immortality D.   ability to transport oneself
5.     telepathy E.    ability to move very fast

Exercise 3

Fill in the suitable words:

Songs and poems       translate            hero           project        power            dictionary
  1. Can you use a ___ ?
  2. It was difficult to ___ that article.
  3. Winnie-the-Pooh has an ability to create __ .
  4. Superman is a __ who uses the ___ wisely.
  5. Our __ was excellent and we got good marks.

Exercise 4

Make the sentences:

  1. don’t, I, like, compositions, write, to.
  2. a, seldom, We, use, dictionary.
  3. the, aloud, Read, poem!
  4. my, have, I, already, done, in, Chemistry, project.
  5. translated, We, yesterday, a, text, boring, very.

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