Form 9. Unit 9. Confusing Test

Confusing Test

Task 1

Fill in DO or Make

1. a joke 6. well
2. the dishes 7. an announcement
3. money 8. damage to
4. me a favour 9. a mistake
5. an effort 10. exercises

Task 2

Choose the right option :

  1. I (learnt / taught / knew) to ride a bike when I was four.
  2. Who (learns / knows / studies) about him?
  3. You must (teach / learn / study) this poem.
  4. We must (teach / learn / study) the map before our trip.
  5. Cinema helps us to (know / learn / study) about different cultures.
  6. She (teaches / learns / studies) English to students.
  7. Parents must (teach / learn / study) their children the difference between good and bad.
  8. He’s (learning / teaching / studying) to play the piano.
  9. He went to Cambridge University where he (learnt / taught /studied) History.
  10. We were all shocked to (know / learn / study) of her marriage.

Task 3

Make the sentences:

  1. her, moment, is, Helen, doing, hair, the, at.
  2. progress, made, Jane, has, English, in, studying.
  3. to, My, knows, uncle, how, money, make.
  4. French, She, teaches, school, at.
  5. learnt, mum, I, to, from, cook, my.

Task 4

Translate the sentences:

  1. Я готовлю завтрак каждый день.
  2. Мы изучаем английский три дня в неделю.
  3. Она учится водить автомобиль сейчас.
  4. Ник делает много ошибок в тестах.
  5. Мы подружились с Джейн прошлым летом.

Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.

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