Family Day

What does your family mean for  you? Do you appreciate your family? Do you respect and love your parents? It is never late to say them about your love. It is never late to show your care about your parents and your children. Well, today it isn’t a bank holiday. But , I think, it is a good day to spend wonderful time with your dearest and nearest!

To my family…

I’ve got a mum and I’ve got a dad.

I have two wings and I can fly!

I try to respect them and never offend.

And I’m so happy that they are alive!


I feel like a child and know every time:

They help to sort out problems and even survive!

We have misunderstanding from time to time

But I’m so happy: They’re alive!


I’ve got a mum and I’ve got a dad.

I’ve got two Angels behind my back!

We live only once and I want to add:

Appreciate your parents when they’re  alive not dead!!!


P.S. А в девятом классе , да и в любом другом, вполне можно данное стихотворение использовать в рамках темы » Семья».


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