Form 6. Unit 8. Hobby

Form 6



1.    diving a)  is a difficult game
2.    making models b)  is more interesting than drawing
3.    playing chess c)  is useful for travelling
4.    learning languages d)  can be dangerous
5.    painting e)  is for a future engineers

2. Make adjectives out of the given words. Translate them






3. Complete the sentences.

enjoy, interested in, hate, take up, soap

  1. My friend isn’t ___________ making models.
  2. If you want to find a friend, _______a new hobby, and you’ll find one.
  3. Collin, use _________, your hands are dirty!
  4. I ________sightseeing because it is enjoyable.
  5. My parents ______sunbathing because it’s boring and sometimes dangerous for health.

4. Use too or Write the sentences.

  1. I like going to parties!
  2. I don’t like playing chess.
  3. My sister hates collecting things.
  4. He dislikes learning languages.
  5. They don’t enjoy making LEGO models.

5. Write about your favorite hobby! (6-8 sentences)

Автор: Заславец Ирина, учитель английского языка  Танежицкой СШ.

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