Form 9. Love and Friendship

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Love and friendship       

1. Match

1.     a) throw an apple a)     с нетерпением ждать встречи
2.     b) a sign of life b)    смотреть через забор
3.     c) send to another camp c)     бросить яблоко
4.     d) heartbroken d)    луч света
5.     e) look beyond the fence e)     символ жизни
6.     f) a ray of light f)      отправить в другой лагерь
7.     g) look forward to seeing g)    с разбитым сердцем

 2. True or false

  1. The girl was in a Nazi concentration camp
  2. The girl and the man look forward to seeing each other
  3. ’Tomorrow don’t bring me an apple. I don’t like it”
  4. They have never seen each other after the war
  5. The man has another family and three children
  6. In 1957 in the USA two adults are on a blind date
  7. They married after the war.
  8. They met the first time in Belarus.

3. Answer the questions.

  1. Why was the boy unhappy one day?
  2. Why did the girl throw an apple over the fence?
  3. What happened on a blind date?

 4. Complete the sentences.

  1. On a cold day in 1942, inside a Nazi concentration _____, a lonely _______ looks beyond the fence and noticed a young girl passing by.
  2. The two hearts are warmed and the boy ______an apple again.
  3. He looks into her _______ and says “I was that boy”.
  4. On Valentine’s Day 1996, on national TV ______, this same man affirmed his never-ending love to his wife for 40 years.

4. Prove that it is a romantic story.

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