Form 7. Unit 9. Must and Should in Rhymes

На употребление  модальных глаголах must и should в рамках темы » Уроки английского языка» в седьмом классе, а также в качестве речевой разминки к уроку.

School Rules

You must attend your classes,
Arrive at school on time!
You musn’t run in front of the buses
And musn’t do any crime!

You musn’t miss your classes,
Must bring your daybooks to school!
And even without rose-coloured glasses
School life will be really cool!

Teacher’s advice

If your mark in English is only three,
You shouldn’t my dear watch too much TV!
You should learn grammar rules and poems by heart,
Then it will be easy, won’t be so hard!

You should listen to your teacher,
Read aloud , translate.
Well, it has some strange features
But success will be great!!)

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