Form 9 Unit 9 Lesson 7

Form 9 Unit 9 Lesson 7

Cheating at school: for and against

Exercise 2a p. 257 Reading

I. Make the words negative and translate them:

Like –

II. Translate into Russian:

Dislike cheating, copy a friend’s work, a good idea, get knowledge, feel bad about, cheat yourself, all through my school years, take pride in, be proud of, be caught

III. Find in the text:

Политика обмана, серьёзная неприятность, быть исключённым из школы, жульничать, чтобы получить лучшую отметку, сильно рисковать, играть честно, справиться с, не иметь проблем в школе, разочаровывать

IV. True or false?

  1. Cheating is different from lying.
  2. Copying a friend’s work is an excellent idea.
  3. Tank feels bad about cheating at school.
  4. He was caught hundreds of times.
  5. Cheating can get you in serious trouble.
  6. School teaches you things you’ll need in your future life.
  7. When you cheat, you don’t learn things, you learn to cheat.
  8. Every person must know the laws of relativity.
  9. School is a place for fair play.
  10. Pupils cheat because they can’t cope with their school work.

V. Add some more information:

  1. Cheating is _____.
  2. Copying a friend’s work is ______.
  3. When you cheat, ______.
  4. Every school has _____.
  5. School can help you ______.
  6. It is important to play ______.
  7. I don’t want to _______.

VI. Read  the sentences with the conjunctions. What do the adverbial clauses mean?

  1. Copying a friend s work is never a good idea because you won’t get any knowledge.
  2. I’m proud of myself because out of the hundreds of times I’ve cheated, I’ve only been caught ONE time.
  3. If you cheat, you’ll never really learn these things, for all you’re going to learn is how to cheat!
  4. School is unfair to you too for most of the subjects you have to take at school, you will never need in your life.
  5. As my parents think I have no problems at school I don’t want to disappoint them.

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