Form 8. Unit 1. Lessons 1-2

Lexical Test

Exercise 1

Unscramble and translate the words

Dfadfoil —

Ores —

Crhsamok —

Thtisle —


Exercise 2

Fill in the necessary words:

  1. The *** is a three-leaved plant.
  2. The *** is a prickly( колючий) purple plant.
  3. The *** is used as a symbol of love.
  4. The *** is a national flower in Belarus.
  5. The *** is a floral emblem of Wales.

Exercise 3

Make the phrases:

1 A  national A river
2 A narrow B by oceans
3 A land C location
4 A good D border
5 Surrounded E emblem

Exercise 4

Fill in the suitable words:

Separate   Links   Borders   is located    narrow


  1. Oceans *** countries and continents.
  2. It was a *** river.
  3. My country *** in the centre of Europe.
  4. Belarus *** on Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.
  5. The Channel Tunnel *** The UK with Europe.





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