Card 15 Listening

CARD №15 Listening

Text 40 page 105

Exam task:

Listen to the tour guide and answer the questions below.

  1. What sort of tour is it?
  2. What will the tourists see on the tour?
  3. Why does the tourist ask to return the money?


  I. Choose the right variant:

1. The tour guide is speaking about a tour of …
a) London
b) Manchester
c) Edinburg

2. It is by …
a) bike
b) taxi
c) bus

3. A tourist asks about extra …
a) seats
b) umbrellas
c)  time

4.The guide is sure
a) it won’t rain
b) it will rain
c) the weather will be awful

5.The tourist wants to have his … back.
a) ticket
b) money
c) umbrella

II. Listen again and write down the places they are going to visit

III. What is it about?

  • the most famous shopping street in the world
  • the museum with wax models of famous people and celebrities
  • the popular attraction from which you can see the whole city on a sunny day

 IV. Fill in the missing words:

You can see all the  __________ from your seat and you don’t need  to _______ anywhere.

  V. Answer the questions:

  1. Are they on an open-top bus?
  2. How much time does the tour take?
  3. Are they going to have a cup of tea with the Queen?
  4. What about the weather?
  5. They have some extra umbrellas, haven’t they?

VI. Explain your choice.

What would you do in the same situation: take your money back and get off the bus or continue the trip?

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