Card 17 Reading

CARD №17 READING Text 15 page 21


I. Find in the text English equivalents:

1.       простая монахиня
2.       все в мире знают её
3.       на территории современной Македонии
4.       ей нравилось помогать этим людям
5.       даже будучи ребёнком
6.       со временем стала настоятельницей
7.       лежали на грязных улицах
8.       два года спустя
9.       без крыши, стен и стульев
10.   чтобы присоединиться к Матери Терезе
11.   она основала/построила дома
12.   с течением времени/через годы

II. Translate into Russian: 

1.       was born
2.       to support the family
3.       visiting the sick
4.       sleeping in doorways
5.       Sick and dying people
6.       left the convent
7.       at the very beginning
8.       well­known all around India
9.       from around the world
10.   children without families
11.   her message to the world
12.   with great love

III. Match the words of the two columns to make up the word combinations used in the text and translate them into Russian: 

1.         to do a)    on a train
2.         joined b)   wearing rags
3.         was riding c)    in the slums
4.         looked out d)   around the world
5.         children e)    charity work
6.         sent her f)    of money
7.         lived g)   a group of nuns
8.         spread h)   reward
9.         donations i)     of the window
10.     her greatest j)     a message

 IV. Give the equivalents from the text that mean the same:


charity —to support — a rag—a slum — a missionary — a message — a nun—a principal – a convent —to enjoy

  1. someone who is a memberof a group of religious women that live together in a convent
  2. to say that you agree with an idea, group, or person, and usually to help them because you want them to succeed
  3. money or gifts given to help people who are poor, sick etc.
  4. someone who is in charge of a school
  5. to get pleasure from something
  6. a small piece of old cloth, for example one used for cleaning things
  7. a building or set of buildings where nuns live
  8. a spoken or written piece of information that you send to another person or leave for them
  9. someone who has been sent to a foreign country to teach people about Christianity and persuade them to become Christians
  10. a house or an area of a city that is in very bad condition, where very poor people live

V. Say if sentences are TRUE or FALSE: 

  1. Mother Teresa is famous around the world.
  2. Teresa was her real name.
  3. She had 3 siblings.
  4. Her family wasn’t rich.
  5. 20 years later she became the principal of Mary’s School in Pakistan.
  6. She was sure that she had got the blessing of God to go to work with the poor.
  7. The Missionaries of Charity was an organization of nuns who helped poor, dirty, and sick people.
  8. By 1890 the Missionaries of Charity were working in 600 centers around the world.

VI. Answer the questions according to the text: 

  1. Who was Mother Teresa?
  2. Did she want to be famous?
  3. When and where was she born?
  4. Who in the family taught her to help people in need?
  5. How did she become a nun?
  6. How did she decide to go to work with the poor?
  7. What did she leave the convent for?
  8. What did her school look like at the very beginning?
  9. What is the Missionaries of Charity?
  10. How did people around the world try to help Mother Teresa when they found out about her activity?
  11. Over the years the Missionaries of Charity became a numerous organization, didn’t it?
  12. Was she rewarded anyhow for her charity work?
  13. What was her message to the world? 

VII. What do you think about such people as Mother Teresa?

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