Form 10. Unit 1. Lesson 5

Additional Material

  1. Translate from English:

 Attractive, charming, confident, full of beans, funky, secure, sentimental, kind-hearted, strict, rude, selfish, trustworthy, outspoken, slim, couch potato, hard-working, nosy, shy, stubborn, talkative, serious, reliable, outspoken, reasonable.

  1. Match the idioms and their translations: 
1 As stubborn as a mule A Невозмутимо спокойный
2 As busy as a bee B Бодрый, цветущий
3 As cold as a fish C Гордый , как павлин
4 As cool as a cucumber D Хитрый, как лиса
5 As fresh as a daisy E Холодный, неэмоциональный
6 As proud as a peacock F Мудрый, как сова
7 As shy as a fox G Упрямый как осел
8 As wise as an owl H Очень трудолюбивый

3. Make the possible phrases: 

1 Look forward A On his/ her shoulder
2 Text B Each other
3 Appreciate C every day
4 Cry D well
5 Treat with E our friendship
6 Get on F respect
7 Support G hanging out together
8 Like H to our meeting
9 Share I problems together
10 Overcome J secrets
11 Rely K rarely
12 Fall out L friends
13 Fair weather M on her/ him
14 Common N for being wrong
15 Apologise O opposites
16 Total P interests

4. Be ready to speak about your best friend. ( 15 – 20 sentences )

 Phrases to make your speech nicer:

 I’m absolutely sure…                        

That’s why…                                       

I personally believe…                        


I want to stress that…                        

My own opinion is …                            

On the other hand…                            

What is more…                                     

So I think …                                        


Like take for example…                     

For instance…                                    

that sort of stuff..                                 

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