Exercises to Card 9



I. Find in the text English equivalents:

Зависеть от технологии, все виды телефонов, экономить время,   отнимающие много времени задания, банковские счета, доступ в Интернет, развитие технологии, хотим мы или нет, тратить много денег, ежедневная жизнь, средства коммуникации, конечно, в мире бизнеса, гораздо дольше, прийти к соглашению,  полезный и необходимый, связаться с полицией, нельзя отрицать, неважные вещи, без особой причины.

II. Translate into Russian:

For communication, internet services, the benefits of the computer, large volume of information, stored on tiny disks, global and current issues, manage to keep up with, otherwise, computer equipment, much more difficult, to get in touch with, important matters, email systems, the end of the world, mobile phones, an emergency, overused in many cases, just chatting about, looking through sites, even at work.

III. Say if sentences are TRUE or FALSE:

  1. People in our country depend a lot on mass media for communication.
  2. The benefits of computers cannot be denied.
  3. A large amount of information is economically stores on CDs.
  4. We always keep in touch with global and current issues with immediate access to the Internet.
  5. A lot of people spend much money on the mobile phones.
  6. Life would be very different without all these means of communication.
  7. If we didn’t have email systems at home or mobile phones it would be the end of the world.
  8. Mobile phones are useless and unnecessary.
  9. Mobile phones are overused in many cases.
  10. A lot of people spend little time just chatting about silly, unimportant things.

 IV. Answer the questions according to the text:

  1. Do people depend a lot on technology for communication?
  2. What is everybody using for communication?
  3. Why cannot be the benefits of the computer  denied?
  4. What tasks can be done now in a matter of minutes?
  5. Where is a large volume of information economically stored?
  6. How can we always keep in touch with global and current issues?
  7. What do a lot of people spend much money on?
  8. Would life be different without all these means of communication?
  9. When are mobile phones convenient?
  10. When are technological means of communication misused?

 V. Match the words of the two columns to make up the word combinations used in the text and translate them into Russian:

1. valuable a. phones
2. in a matter b. our homes
3. in the middle c. at such speed
4. mobile d. communication
5. play e. space
6. business f. explore
7. means of g. of nowhere
8. comfort of h. of minutes
9. immediate i. trip
10. moved ahead j. games

 VI. Give the equivalents from the text that mean the same:


convenient                check             Internet            overuse                    company
mobile                  keep up with         technological        necessary         interview


  1. a meeting in which someone asks you questions;
  2. relating to or involving technology;
  3. to use something too often or too much;
  4. an organization that sells goods or services in order to make money;
  5. needed in order to achieve a particular result;
  6. to continue to do or pay something;
  7. the large system of connected computers around the world which people use to communicate with each other;
  8. able to make easily or be easily moved;
  9. to make certain that something or someone is correct, safe or suitable;
  10. suitable for your purposes and needs and causing the least difficulty.


Listen to the conversation and answer the questions below.

I.Choose the right answer:

1. That was the end of the ….
a) class
b) lecture
c) day

2.Martin’s grandmother has a big house near……
a) Paris
b) London
c) Moscow

3.Suddenlythe boys heard a ……upstairs.
a) whistle
b) cry
c) noise

4.All the furniture in the grandmother’s bedroom was………..
a) on the left side
b) in the middle
c) on the right side

5.These things would take……
a) one man
b) ten men
c) four men


  1. Martin doesn’t believe in ghosts.
  2. Martin’s granny has a big new house near London.
  3. The boys were in the living-room when they heard a noise upstairs.
  4. The carpet was on the other side of the room.
  5. Martin’s granny said it had never happened before.

III. Fill in the missing words

  1. I liked that _______ story.
  2. Martin’s grandmother had a _____, _______  house near ______.
  3. All the _________ was on the _______ side of the room.
  4. The boys thought maybe a _________ or something.
  5. These things would take _________men to lift.

IV.Answer the questions:

  1. Where does the action take place?
  2. What happened to the furniture in the grandmother’s room?
  3. Had it happened ever before?
  4. What was granny doing when they heard a noise?
  5. Why were Martin and his friend scared?
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