Form 10. Unit 2. Lesson 1

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Unscramble the words and translate them:






Exercise 2

Make the phrases:

to share upkeep
to renovate to the owner of the house
to talk in absolute privacy
to live secrets
machine a flat

Exercise 3

Translate the words from Russian into English

1.The (ремонт) will cost 20 dollars.

2.Did you (снимать) an apartment last year?

3.The room is (просторная) enough.

4.He is a (ответственный) person.

5.Her parents bought a (отдельно стоящий дом) three years ago.

Exercise 4

Make the sentences:

1.closed , café, The, has, for, renovations.

2.with , sister, my, room, I, share, a.

3.his, own, Nick, owns, company.

4.privacy, others, mustn’t, You, disturb, the, of., like, I’d, to, a, rent.





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