Form 10. Unit 2. Lesson 2

Additional material

Exercise 1

When I was a little girl, I liked playing one interesting game. The name of that game is “ I know five names of … ( boys, girls, flowers, towns and so on ) .” You need a ball and every time you beat it, you should say the following words:  “I know 5( names of the girls). Jane is one. Kate is two. Eva is three.” And so on.Today you are not so little and we will play this game without a ball . The rules and the words are the same ones. We will speak about houses and rooms. One pupil will start, another pupil will continue and so on.

So, let’s start.

I know 5 kinds of houses.

I know 5 kinds of rooms. …

I know 5 parts of the room. …

I know 5 kinds of furniture. …

I know 5 adjectives to describe furniture. …

I know 5 adjectives to describe a room. …

I know 5 kinds of household appliances….

I know 5 things you can see in the bathroom. …

Exercise 2

Write 3 adjectives to describe the following things:

A   __________      ____________   ____________  fireplace

A   __________      ____________   ____________  settee

A   __________      ____________   ____________  radiator

A   __________      ____________   ____________  sink

A   __________      ____________   ____________  tap

A   __________      ____________   ____________  shower

A   __________      ____________   ____________  brick

A   __________      ____________   ____________  laundry basket

A   __________      ____________   ____________  carpet

Use OpShACoM

Op- opinion

Sh- shape

A- age

Co- colour

M- material

Exercise 3

Make the sentences:

1.running, tap, is, The.

2.ten, were, There, about, people, the, in, lounge.

3.for, and, downstairs, Go, wait, me.

4.him, sent, She, upstairs.

5.heating, harm, can, central, Too, much, plants, indoor.

6.put, a, new, in, sink, We.

7.cold, The, is, radiator, stone.

8.a, pile, dirty, There, is, of, laundry, the, in, basket, laundry.



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