Form 10. Unit 2. Lessons 5-6

Additional material

Exercise 1

Translate the phrases from English into Russian:

  1.  move house
  2. to restore a church
  3.  to look onto a nice garden
  4. a cluttered room
  5. treasured information

Exercise 2

Match the opposites:

To restore Basement
Cluttered Modern
Advantage To ruin
Attic Spacious
Period Disadvantage


Exercise 3

Make the sentences:

  1. to move, next, am, I, planning, house, month.
  2. suits, time, This, me.
  3. safe, a, home, My, is, real, haven.
  4. agent, excellent, he, Is, an, estate?
  5. a, book, of, She, had, treasured, mythology.

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