Exercises to Card 24

CARD №24


I.Find in the text English equivalents:

Основан, обогащать жизнь людей, цель, все что вам нужно, дух авантюризма, всю вашу жизнь, огромное разнообразие, помимо всего прочего, благополучие, распространенные болезни, повышенное кровяное давление, помочь сообществам разными способами, вымирающие виды, пытливый ум.

II.Translate into Russian:

Belong to the older generation, to excite people’s minds, encourage activities, in order to enroll on a programme, inquiring mind, learning and discovery, ancient history, issues, to keep a positive self-image, contributes to the sense of well-being, keep-fit equipment, alongside the usual sports, tutoring school children, building affordable housing, take place, aboard a boat, a very different meaning, hostel.

III. Say if sentences are TRUE or FALSE:

  1. Elderhostel is the world’s largest organization for young people.
  2. Elderhostel was founded in 1990.
  3. You need to pass an exam to enroll on Elderhostel
  4. Elderhostel offers a large number of programmes in a huge variety of areas.
  5. Traditional programmes involve studying whales.
  6. High blood pressure is a common illness.
  7. Regular physical activity can prevent many common illnesses.
  8. Elderhostel also helps to protect endangered species.
  9. Elderhostel doesn’t involve activities connected with travelling.
  10. Elderhostel is an ideal place for older generation.

IV. Answer the questions according to the text:

  1. What kind of organization is Elderhostel?
  2. When was it founded?
  3. What do you need to enroll there?
  4. What activities does Elderhostel offer?
  5. Why does Elderhostel offer many sporting activities?
  6. What adventure programmes does Elderhostel have?
  7. How can Elderhostel programmes help communities?
  8. Why does the word ‘old’ have a positive meaning in Elderhostel?

V. Match the words of the two columns to make up the word combinations used in the text and translate them into Russian:

1. older a. organisation
2. travel b. of areas
3. promote c. on a programme
4. to enroll d. online information
5. experienced e. generation
6. a huge variety f. of well-being
7. provide g. endangered species
8. the sense h. different activities
9. protect i. meaning
10. positive j. group leaders

 VI. Give the equivalents from the text that mean the same:

adult                     well-being                  instructor               equipment              species       
   illness              trip                    hockey                    protect                            boat
  1. a feeling of being comfortable, healthy, and happy;
  2. to keep someone or something safe;
  3. a group of animals or plants;
  4. someone who teaches a sport or practical skill;
  5. a vehicle that travels across water;
  6. the condition of being ill;
  7. a game played on grass by two teams of 11 players, with sticks and a ball;
  8. a fully-grown person;
  9. a visit to a place;
  10. the tools, machines etc that you need to do a particular job or activity.


Listen to three people speaking about how they met their partners.

I.Choose the right answer:

  1. The 1st speaker met Terry at the …..

a) supermarket
b) local dance
c) library

2. Terry was quite …..
a) shy
b) funny
c) brave

3. The 2nd speaker asked Cathy to marry him ….. later.

a) two weeks
b) a year
c) a month

4. Amy was introduced to the 3rd speaker by …..

a) a friend
b) his parents
c) a neighbour

5. The 3rd speaker thought Amy was …… the first time they met.

a) shy    b) nice   c) awful


  1. The 1st speaker met Terry at the age of 15.
  2. Terry asked the 1st speaker to marry him 2 years later.
  3. Cathy and the 2nd speaker lived far from each other.
  4. Amy ignored the 3rd speaker the first time they met.
  5. The 3rd speaker met Amy later at a charity dinner.

III. Fill in the missing words:

  1. The first time I saw Terry was at a _____ _____.
  2. We _____ for two years but Terry was quite _____ really.
  3. I was so surprised when he asked me _____.
  4. Funny really, living so _____ all the time.
  5. She spent all night _____ and _____ with Tim.

IV. Answer the questions:

  1. Where did the 1st speaker see Terry?
  2. Why was the 1st speaker surprised?
  3. When did the 2nd speaker ask the girl out?
  4. Why did the 3rd speaker think that the girl was awful when they first met?
  5. When did the 3rd speaker get married?
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