Form 10.Unit 2.The Present Continuous Passive Tense

Form 10.Unit 2.The Present Continuous Passive Tense

Grammar Exercises

Exercise 1

Match two parts of the sentences:

1 We are speaking A is being rented now.
2 This old cathedral B house next week.
3 My dad is C with our estate agent.
4 Jill is moving D taking a shower now.
5 That semidetached house E is being restored at this moment.

Exercise 2

Make the sentences:

1. ceiling, being, Their, is, now, whitened.

2. walls, are, rebuilt, The, being.

3. pipes, being, New, radiators, and, are, painted.

4. month, big, is, sold, This, mansion, being, next.

5. This, agent, is, estate, being, questioned, now.

Exercise 3

Use The Present Continuous Passive or The Present Continuous Active Tense:

1. Our townhouse (build) now.

2. Mr. Green’s neighbors (put in) a new washbasin now.

3. Look! My dad (repair) our roof.

4. My bedroom ( clean) at this moment.

5. Look! Tom and Barbara ( open) the door.

Exercise 4

Imagine that it is morning now. Describe  what  happens to:

a) your face?

b) your teeth?

c) your hair?

d) your breakfast?

e) your door?

 Help Box:

Close      Brush     Eat      Wash      Brush



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