Form 8. Unit 2. Lessons 3-4

Lexical Drills

Task 1

Translate from English into Russian:

a skill

a dozen

an encyclopedia

an event

an opportunity

Task 2

Translate from Russian into English:

опытный водитель

спортивное оборудование


важное событие


Task 3

Make the phrases:

1 A grammar A teachers
2 To challenge B skills and abilities
3 A brilliant C opportunity
4 Experienced D reference book
5 An encyclopedia E with facts and pictures

Task 4

Fill in the suitable words:

Clubs                Dozen              Opportunity              Skills                     Dancing

After school activities teach children life ***.

After lessons pupils can take activities at many ***.

In her free time Helen likes ***.

He sent a *** red roses to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

We should turn present challenges into ***.

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