Exercises to Card 21



I. Find in the text English equivalents:

Везде, почти каждый из нас, не можем представить, хотя, хотим помочь другим, ни одна комната, по крайней мере, наряду с , в то же самое время, на моих коленях, постоянно использую, трачу много времени, имеет огромную силу, делать переводы, в их собственных странах, может поддержать бедных, даже менее.

II. Translate into Russian:

Any place, in fact, we leave the house, without them, always forget, lying around in it, electronic device, other related appliances, game console, multi-tasking, strong point, in the back ground, most likely, wireless network, online volunteering, language skills, developing and managing projects, the United Nations, recruiting volunteering, make a difference.

III. Say if sentences are TRUE or FALSE:

  1. Today we see technology any place we go.
  2. We can imagine our life without technology.
  3. Technology is useless and powerless when we want to help others.
  4. There is not a single room in the author’s house that does not have some gadget lying around in it.
  5. There is  a table and a DVD player in his living room.
  6. Even when the author isn’t at home he is constantly using his phone.
  7. The author doesn’t waste much time on the computer.
  8. At work or at cafes the author connects to local wireless network on his laptop.
  9. We can spend our time doing online volunteering.
  10. Online volunteers can’t really help make a difference to those in need.

IV. Answer the questions according to the text:

  1. Where can we see technology?
  2. Can we imagine our life without technology?
  3. Is there a single room in the author’s house that doesn’t have some device?
  4. What gadget can we find in his living room?
  5. Is he constantly using his laptop when he isn’t at home?
  6. How much time does the author waste on the computer?
  7. What has he recently discovered?
  8. What do many organizations require?
  9. What page does the United Nations have?
  10. How can online volunteering help people?

V. Match the words of the two columns to make up the word combinations used in the text and translate them into Russian:

1. piece of a. device
2. help b. volunteers
3.a huge c. network
4. do d. player
5. electronic e. console
6. mobile f. technology
7. online g. phone
8. game h. good
9. wireless i. charities
10. DVD j. page

 VI. Give the equivalents from the text that mean the same:


game console           require            wireless               online                   technology
powerful            volunteer           gadget              favourite                   laptop 


  1. the methods for using scientific discoveries for practical purposes, esp. in industry;
  2. having a lot of power to control people and events;
  3. a small device or machine with a particular purpose;
  4. best liked or most enjoyed;
  5. a piece of electronic equipment for playing games on;
  6. a computer that is small enough to be carried around easily and is flat when closed;
  7. using a system of radio signals rather than wires to connect computersmobile phones, etc. to each other;
  8. bought, used, etc. using the internet;
  9. to need something or make something necessary;
  10. a person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it;


Listen to the conversation and answer the questions below.

I. Choose the right answer:

1.The new flat is at number ……Oxford Street.

a) 5

b) 50

c) 15

2. There is a big ……. in the hall

a) sofa

b) mirror

c) table

3. There are ……. windows in the kitchen.

a) 4

b) 3

c) 2

4.The shower and toilet are both……

a) old-fashioned

b) new

c) white

5. The flat is £550 a ………

a) month

b) week

c) year


  1. There isn’t a telephone in the flat.
  2. The living room is to the left of the hall.
  3. There is a table and four chairs in the kitchen.
  4. There is a bedroom in the flat.
  5. Carlos doesn’t like the flat.

III. Fill in the missing words:

  1. There is a big _______ on the wall in the _______.
  2. You only _____ for the ______ you make.
  3. We can have a ______ ______ in the evening/
  4. I like the big ______ where we can _____ all our ________.
  5. It is ________ pounds a ________ including _______.

IV. Answer the questions:

  1. What address is the flat located?
  2. What is the flat like?
  3. What is there in the bathroom?
  4. What does Ann think about the bathroom?
  5. How much is the flat?

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