Form 4 Unit 2 Lesson 8

Form 4 Unit 2 Lesson 8

A Letter from a Friend

Before reading

I. Find the Russian equivalents

1.     want a)     знать
2.     know b)    о
3.     about c)     хотеть
4.     with d)    двоюродный брат или сестра
5.     cousin e)     с

II. Find in the text the English equivalents

1.     красивый
2.     продавец
3.     книжный магазин
4.     900

III. Match the names with their description in the text 

1.     Greg a)    beautiful, shop assistant
2.     Pam and Kate b)    blue eyes, long fair hair, nice
3.     Tom and Toby c)     clever and kind, a teacher
4.     Barbara d)    brown eyes, short, dark hair, funny, naughty

After reading

IV. True or false?
1. Sandy wants to know about Mike’s friends.
2. Mike wants to know about Sandy’s school.
3. Sandy lives in New York.
4. Sandy’s family is small.
5. His mum is a teacher and his dad is a shop assistant.
6. Sandy’s mum has got about 8 hundred books in her shop.
7. Sandy’s dad is 29.
8. Sandy’s sisters are naughty.
9. His brothers are funny.
10. Sandy loves his big family.

V. Answer the questions. Use the numerals in your answers.

5 29 12 6 3 19 47 54 900
  1. How old is Sandy?
  2. How many aunts has he got?
  3. How many uncles has Sandy got?
  4. How many cousins has he got?
  5. How many books has Sandy’s mum got in her bookshop?
  6. How old are Sandy’s parents?
  7. How many pupils has Sandy’s dad got in his class?
  8. How many children are there in the family?

VI. Complete the sentences

    1. Sandy lives in _____, in ____________.
    2. He has got a big _____.
    3. Sandy’s mum is a ________ woman.
    4. She is a _______ and works in a children’s ______.
    5. Sandy’s dad is a ______, there are ______ pupils in his ____.
    6. Sandy’s _____ Pam and Kate are ____.
    7. Sandy’s brothers are ___________ and funny.
    8. They play _____ and go for a walk _______.
    9. Sandy _________ his big family.

New York, loves, family, shop assistant, games, beautiful, together, teacher, twenty-nine, naughty, class, America, bookshop, nice, sisters


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