Form 8 Unit 2 Lesson 10

Form 8 Unit 2 Lesson 10

Best-known British Schools

Reading. Ex 2a p 57

Text 1

Say in other words

  1. school for boys –
  2. pupils of Harrow –
  3. clever –
  4. a lot of –
  5. very good facilities –
  6. a sports ground for playing football –
  7. to test —


We take part in dozens of events, which challenge our talents, abilities and skills and help to build our character.

Text 2

Find in the text words and expressions which mean the same

600 years
enter a university
go in for sports

Make phrases according to the text

1.     encourage a)     foreign countries
2.     offer b)    teachers
3.     develop c)     excellence and independence
4.     travel to d)    interests and enthusiasm
5.     understand e)     the world
6.     experienced f)      great opportunities
7.     atmosphere of g)    different talents and skills

Text 3

  1. Fill in the missing words
  2. Badminton school is a ____ school for _____.
  3. The school offers excellent ____, high teaching standards and a ____ atmosphere.
  4. There are thousands of books, ____ books and multimedia _____ in Badminton School.
  5. Badminton aims at developing its pupils’ talents, ____ and abilities.

Mind the following: Harrovian

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