Form 10. Unit 2. Plural

Grammar Test

Task 1

Write the words into two groups ( the singlurar and the plural forms of the nouns) :

Glasses, mathematics, clothes, money, news, child, phenomenon, men, cacti, phenomena.

Task 2

Write the plural forms of the nouns where it is possible:

1. poster

2. country

3. hair

4.  sink

5. radio

6. convenience

7. louse

8. shelf

9. toy

10. advice

Task 3

Rewrite the sentences using the plural forms of the nouns :

1. There is a knife, a spoon, a fork on that dining table.

2. Don’t cry, little boy! Be a man!

3. A witch had changed him into a mouse.

4. My sister is a doctor.

5. This news was for me.

Task 4

Make the sentences:

1. were, ducks, there, the, geese, among.

2. ago, year, companies, a, both, in, were, crisis.

3. people, online, many, now, shop.

4. had, gold, she, a, watch, her, wrist ( запястье) , on.

5. birds, in, tree, the, landed, a.



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