Card 20 Reading

CARD №20—READING—Text 11—page 17


I. Find in the text English equivalents:

1.       тестировала/проверяла способности своих детей-тинэйджеров
2.       справляться по дому самостоятельно
3.       когда они уехали из дома
4.       они приготовили несколько тестов/испытаний
5.       достали вилку из розетки
6.       удостоверились
7.       как и она ожидала
8.       кофеварка сломалась
9.       не удивилась
10.   выбрасывать вещи
11.   это также может быть очень дорого
12.   только часть проблемы
13.   истина в том, что

II. Translate into Russian: 

1.      basic household jobs
2.       a few weeks’ holiday
3.       to look after the house
4.       took out some good light bulbs
5.       failed the independence test
6.       the bathroom tap
7.       the results of her experiment
8.       this is wrong
9.       how things work or are made
10.   to do the work for you
11.   cannot cook at all
12.   simple jobs about the house

III. Match the words of the two columns to make up the word combinations used in the text and translate them into Russian:  

1.         to do a)    the plug
2.         to put in b)   other people
3.         to change c)    simple problems
4.         to pay a specialist d)   in the microwave
5.         to look for e)    light bulbs
6.         to solve f)    health problems
7.         to pay g)   household skills
8.         ready­made h)   basic household jobs
9.         to warm up i)     for repairing
10.     to cause j)     for independent life
11.     to learn basic k)   the missing part
12.     to be prepared l)     meal

 IV. Give the equivalents from the text that mean the same:


to look after — a microwave — a test — basic –to fail — to manage — household —a tap– on one’s own — independence

  1. forming the most important or most necessary part of something
  2. relating to looking after a house and the people in it 
  3. to take care of someone by helping them, giving them what they need, or keeping them safe SYN take care of
  4. to succeed in doing something difficult, especially after trying very hard
  5. alone
  6. a set of questions, exercises, or practical activities to measure someone’s skill, ability, or knowledge
  7. type of oven that cooks food very quickly using very short electric waves instead of heat
  8. a piece of equipment for controlling the flow of water, gas etc from a pipe or container 
  9. to not succeed in achieving something
  10. the freedom and ability to make your own decisions in life, without having to ask other people for permission, help, or money

V. Say if sentences are TRUE or FALSE: 

  1. Angela Rowlands recently tested her teenage children’s ability to do simple jobs about the house.
  2. Angela Rowlands’ children are twins.
  3. The test was unexpected for the children.
  4. The children also paid a plumber for repairing the bathroom tap.
  5. The children replaced the broken coffee machine with the new one.
  6. A lot of young people today can’t solve simple problems in the house.
  7. To repair broken things is not a problem for young people today.
  8.  A lot of young people don’t know how to cook.

 VI. Answer the questions according to the text: 

  1. What did Angela Rowlands recently test?
  2. What kind of family has Angela Rowlands got?
  3. What did the parents want to see?
  4. Where did the parents go? For how long?
  5. Did Angela Rowlands foresee the results of the test?
  6. How did the children cope with the problems about the house
  7. Why do young people often throw things away when they are broken?
  8. Is it expensive to pay other people to do simple jobs about the house for you?
  9. What do young people do if there is no ready-­made meal in the fridge?
  10. Why don’t many young people want to learn basic household skills? 
  11. How should young people prepare to live on their own?  

VII. Would you pass this test? How would you cope with the problems in the house from the text? Are you able to do basic household jobs in the house? 

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