Form 8. Unit 3. Lessons 1-2.

  • Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Translate from Russian into English:

1. кровяная колбаса

2. рыба и картошка фри

3. колбаски и пюре

4. брюссельская капуста

5. рыбные палочки

Exercise 2

Translate from English into Russian:

1. pork chops

2. roast chicken

3. gravy

4. boiled potatoes

5. strawberries

Exercise 3

Do you know food well? Match two parts of the words:

1 Mineral A roast
2 Green B melon
3 Yellow C beans
4 Fruit D egg
5 Fried E cocktail
6 Traditional F egg
7 Sunday G meal
8 Scrambled H water

Exercise 4

Make the sentences:

1. first, of, is, in, The, day, meal, the, the, morning, breakfast.

2. is, meal, eaten, the, Lunch, the, in, of, middle, the, day.

3. is, meal, the, Brunch, eaten, the, morning, late, in.

4. is, the, eaten, the, supper, meal, in, evening.

5. is, another, for, Dinner, common, name, supper.

6. is, a, continental, breakfast, a, uncooked, small, meal.

Exercise 5

What do people in Britain eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Write 3-5 sentences.

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