Form 10. Unit 3. Lesson 1

  1. Lexical Test

Task 1

Match the beginning with the ending to make the true sentences:

A tutor a) is someone who is studying at a school or university
A teacher b) is the most important teacher.
A lecturer c) teaches at a university.
A professor d) teaches one student or a very small class.
A student e) teaches at a primary or secondary school.

Task 2

Translate from English:

a) provide with information and knowledge

b) our school schedule

c) to be divided into 2 groups

d) a summer vacation

e) average abilities

Task 3

Fill in the suitable words

Requires               Vacation           Grade           Boarding school             English

1.We had a short *** in May.

2.What *** is your sister in?

3.There are a lot of *** in the UK.

4.*** is my favourite school subject.

5.Learning Chinese *** a lot of patience.

Task 4

Make the sentences:

1. according, to, come, All, pupils, the, schedule, the.

2. average, dog, a, is, The, life, of, years, ten.

3. in, the, USA, on, Nick, is, vacation.

4. children, must, Parents, provide, with, clothing, food, and.

5. money, divided, The, was, among, the, all, family.



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