Районный этап конкурса «Искусство говорить»

В минувшую среду 14.11.2018 года на базе нашей школы прошёл районный этап конкурса «Искусство говорить».

Делюсь презентацией и текстом выступления ученицы 8 класса на первом этапе.

1-ый слайд

Нажать на аиста вверху справа для воспроизведения мелодии, затем нажать на маленького аиста внизу справа для перехода на следующий слайд.
2-й слайд  — навигация с момощью маленького аиста справа внизу.

На третьем слайде для навигации воспользоваться опцией интерактивного плаката.
В завершение презентации нажать на аиста внизу справа.

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Текст выступления

My name is Маргарита Cоболева. I am from Uritskoye school. Belarus is my homeland. It is the country where I was born and where my family and my friends live. There are six regions in Belarus with the regional cities of Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Gomel, Mogilev and Vitebsk. Each region of my country can offer something interesting. Let’s start our tour with the capital. Minsk is a beautiful and modern city. Trinity Suburb on the banks of the Svisloch river is a must to see in Minsk. It is the oldest district of the capital. Nesvizh Castle in Minsk region is one of the most wonderful sights of Belarus. Next comes Grodno region. The city of Grodno with its unique architecture is really worth visiting. Mir Castle is an outstanding example of central European castle, which reflects different cultural styles. Our next stop is Brest region. Пауза. Brest fortress is the main attraction for travellers in Brest region. It went down in history thanks to its heroic defence in 1941. The fights lasted one month. Belavezhskaya Pushcha is the oldest wildlife forest in Europe and the pride of Belarus. You can tour the forest by bus, bicycle or private car. Our next destination is Vitebsk region. In Vitebsk there are places connected with the name of Marc Chagall. Marc Chagall spent his early days in his house in Pokrovskaya street. Now it is a museum. There is also Marc Chagall Art Center in Vitebsk. When in Mogilev region be sure to visit Buinichskoye field. It is a place connected with the Great Patriotic War. 18 fascist tanks were destroyed here on July 12, 1941. Konstantin Simonov remembered this place all his life. He wrote about it in his books. After the writer’s death his ashes were scattered over the field. Welcome to my native town Gomel. I love Gomel very much and I am happy that in Gomel there are places of interest too. Visit the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Park Palace Complex in Gomel. This is an amazing place with the clean air of the park and the atmosphere of the past. I hope you will enjoy the trip to my country.


Вопросы второго тура проршлых лет 8-9 класс

ИСКУССТВО ГОВОРИТЬ 2016 Английский язык 9 класс 2 тур

1.What does your family mean to you?

  1. What do you and your futility like doing together?
  2. Have you got a generation gap in your family?
  3. How much time do you think parents should spend with their children?
  4. Who is the breadwinner in your family?

2. Speak about friendship in your life.

  1. What makes people become friends?
  2. What do you think about friendship in social networks?
  3. Are your parents your friends?
  4. Do you agree with the English proverb “They are rich who have true friends”?

3. School is not only learning. Do you agree?

  1. What do you like most at your school?
  2. What facilities are there in your school?
  3. Do you have any traditions at your school? Speak about your favourite school tradition.
  4. Would you like to study at a boarding school? Why?

4. Speak about your favourite food.

  1. What British dishes would you like to try?
  2. Is there any food you hate eating?
  3. Who usually cooks in your family?
  4. Can you share the recipe of your favourite dish?

5. What music styles are popular today?

  1. What kind of music do you like?
  2. Can you play a musical instrument?
  3. Do you prefer going to live concerts or watching them on TV? Why?
  4. Who is your favourite Belarusian singer?

6. Speak about your likes and dislikes in books.

  1. Who is your favourite author?
  2. What Belarusian writers do you know?
  3. Is it necessary to study classical literature at school? Why?
  4. What’s the best book you have ever read?

7. Is cinema popular with teenagers? Explain why.

  1. Do you prefer going to the cinema or watching TV?
  2. What film genres do you like most? Why?
  3. Can you tell us about the best film you have ever seen?
  4. Who is your favourite actor? What do you know about him?

8. There are a lot of means oi travelling. Which one do you prefer and why?

  1. What does travelling give to people?
  2. What countries would you like to visit. Why?
  3. What places are worth seeing in London?
  4. Do you always fasten your seat belt when you travel by car?

9. What is your favourite holiday? How do you usually celebrate it?

  1. Do you like parties and celebrations?
  2. Is impolite to come without an invitation to a family celebration
  3. Which holidays are the same in Belarus and in Britain. Which are different?
  4. Would you like to take part in any British holiday celebrating?

10. Money can help solve any problem. What do you think about this statement?

  1. Do children need money, in your opinion?
  2. Do you get paid for chores?
  3. Do you think children should do chores for free or get paid for that.
  4. What would you like to buy but can’t afford yet?

11. What do we need to do to be healthy?

  1. Why is fast food dangerous for our health?
  2. Do you exercise regularly?
  3. What is addiction?
  4. The greatest wealth is health. Do you agree with the proverb?

12. Do you think sport is popular today? Why?

  1. Do you divide sports into girl’s and boy’s kinds?
  2. Are you a fan of any kind of sport or sportsman?
  3. Would you like to be a professional sportsman? Why?
  4. What sports are popular in Britain?

13. What could you tell a foreigner about our country?

  1. Do you know any symbols of Belarus?
  2. What places are worth seeing in Belarus?
  3. What attracts tourists to Belarus, in your opinion?
  4. Belarus is the country to be proud of. What do you think about it?

14. What do you know about the geographical position of Great Britain?

  1. What is the official name of the country?
  2. Who is the head of state in the UK?
  3. What’s the UK famous for?
  4. What part of the UK would you like to visit? Why?

15. Speak about the role of English in modern life.

  1. Is it difficult to learn English?
  2. What is the best way to learn a foreign language?
  3. What other foreign languages would you like to learn?
  4. What careers are possible if you speak a foreign language?

Искусство говорить 2017 год
II тур
Устные темы по английскому языку в 8 классе

I. Let’s talk about food.
1. What are your eating habits?
2. What is your favourite food?
3. Do you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables?
4. Do you always have lunch at your school canteen.
II. Let’s talk about hobbies.
Do you agree that life without hobbies is boring?
Have you got a hobby? What is it?
Do you collect anything?
What hobby would you recommend a teenager who has no hobbies to take up?
III. Let’s talk about shopping.
1. Is shopping a good way to spend free time?
2. Do you enjoy shopping?
3. How often do you go shopping?
4. Do you make a shopping list when you go shopping?
IV. Let’s talk about travelling.
1. Do you like to travel?
2. What beautiful places in Belarus have you visited?
3. Have you ever travelled abroad?
4. What would you advise a person who is going to travel abroad for the first time
V. Let’s talk about your family.
1. What can you tell us about your nearest and dearest?
2. Is your family large?
3. Are you happy in your family?
4. Do you have secrets from your parents?
VI. Let’s talk about learning.
1. Do you go to a village school?
2. Where is it situated?
3. What subjects are you good at?
4. What subjects are difficult for you?
VII. Let’s talk about learning English.
1. Is it easy or difficult for you to learn English?
2. What do you usually do at your English lessons?
3. What do you do to improve your English?
4. What is your favourite activity at your English lessons?
VIII. Let’s talk about the UK.
1. Is the UK the same as Britain, Great Britain and England?
2. What is the official name of the UK?
3. How many countries is the UK made up of?
4. Are all people in the UK English?
IX. Let’s talk about books.
1. Can books be your friends?
2. How many books have you got at home?
3. Who is your favourite Belarusian writer?
4. Do you think a book is a good present?
X. Let’s talk about friends.
1. Do you think it’s good to have a lot of friends?
2. Have you got a best friend?
3. What is your best friend like?
4. How long have you been friends?

Устные темы no английскому языку в 9 классе

I. Let’s talk about appearance.
1) Would you like to look different?
2) What would you like to change in your appearance?
3) Would you like to look like someone famous?
4) What is more important: character or appearance?
II. Let’s talk about shopping.
1) Do you like shopping? Why?
2) How often do you go window-shopping?
3) Can shopping be a hobby?
4) Is it a good way to spend free time?
III. Let’s talk about friendship.
1) What role do friends play in your life?
2) Is it easy for you to make friends?
3) How often do you fall out with your friends?
4) What makes a person a good friend?
IV. Let’s talk about sport.
1) What role does sport play in our life?
2) What sports do you like? Why?
3) Would you like to be a professional sportsperson? Why?
4) What sport would you advise your friend to take up to keep
V. Let’s talk about life in the city and in the country.
1) Where would you like to live: in a city or in the country?
2) What cities are famous for their skyscrapers?
3) Is your village attractive?
4) What places of interest are there in your village?
VI. Let’s talk about travelling.
1) What role does travelling play in our life?
2) Which is your favourite form of transport? Why?
3) Have you ever been to a guided tour?
4) Where did you go?
VII. Let’s talk about books.
1) Do you read a lot? Why?
2) What are your favourite books?
3) Who do you think reads more: teenagers or grown -ups?
4) What book would you recommend me to read?
VIII. Let’s talk about English.
1) What role does it play in our life?
2) What areas of the English language are difficult for you?
3) What do you do to improve you English?
4) What do you usually have to do in your English class?
IX. Let’s talk about the UK.
1) What is the location of the UK?
2) What’s the UK famous for?
3) Who is the head of state in the UK?
4) Which place of interest of the UK is worth visiting?
X. Let’s talk about your school.
1) What facilities are there in your school?
2) What’s your favourite place at your school? Why?
3) Are there good facilities for doing sports at your school?
4) Do you do any after-school activities?

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