Form 10. Unit 3. Lesson 3

Additional material

Exercise 1

Let’s play the game “ I know 5 names of …”


I know 5 names of general furniture and equipment in the classroom. …

I know 5 names of subjects at school. …

I know 5 types of educational institutions. …

I know 5 things we do during classes. …

I know 5 things we do during breaks. …

I know 5 names of general school things in my bag. …

Exercise 2

Unscramble the words and translate them:

a) apyginefe

b) arpivte

c) cupbli

d) vneocmprhesie

e) teselcive

f) enenidpednt

g) mrgamar

Exercise 3

Fill in the suitable words:

Private     located      make sure        covered      mixed sex school

1. My school is *** a three minute walk away from my house.

2. Boys and girls are taught at our school. So it is a ***.

3. In winter the roads are *** with ice.

4. Before leaving the house, *** that all lights are off.

5. My dad is always poking his nose into my *** life.













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