Form 8. Unit 3. Lesson 3

  • Task 1

Unscramble and translate the words:






Task 2

Match two parts of the phrases:

1 A bar of A sprats
2 A slice of B porridge
3 A tin of C brown bread
4 A pot of D mineral water
5 A bottle of E chocolate

Task 3

Fill in the suitable words:

1. Would you like a *** of cake?

2. *** of ice-cream, please.

3. – Anything else?

— Yes, one roll and a *** of coffee, please.

4. Jane, buy two *** of potatoes.

5. — One cake and a *** of apple juice, please.

Task 4

Make the sentences:

1. salad, made, tomatoes, Greek, is, with, cucumbers, olives, cubes, feta, of , black.

2. is, served, noodles, Goulash, often, with, of, slices, black, and, bread.

3. a, glass, milk, There, is, of, the, table, on.

4. six, sandwiches, the, There, were, on, plate.

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