Card 13 Listening

CARD №13—Listening—Text 32—page 99

Listen to the text and do the following tasks:

I. Choose the right variant:
1. This text is about how to make …
a) a cake
b) a good friend
c) lots of money

2. People feel lonely and unhappy when they have no …
a) money
b) friends
c) car

3. … is very important for friendship.
a) speaking sincerely
b) listening attentively
c) hanging out together

4. Another part of the friendship recipe is …
a) modesty
b) passion
c) honesty

5. The last part of the recipe is …
a) helping each other
b) caring
c) having fun together

compassion*—сочувствие; be authentic*—быть самим собой

II. TRUE or FALSE. Correct the false statements:

1. People without friends have no one to talk to.
2. People share their happy moments with friends.
3. There are a lot of ideas how to make a good friend.
4. Change your own values and beliefs if your friends don’t like them.
5. Care about your friends but don’t let them know it.

III. Fill in the missing words:
1) People need friends to _________ and _______________ ____________________________ .
2) The best ingredients of friendship are _________________, ______________, _____________ and _____________.
3) Sharing, caring, listening and doing something for another person will make your life different: ___________ , _____________ and ______________.


CARD №13—Listening
II. Listen to the advice how to make a good friend and answer the questions below.
1. How do people feel if they have no friend?
2. What qualities does a good friend have?
3. Why is it good to be a real friend? ___________________________________________________

IV. What is your friendship recipe?

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