Form 10. Unit 3. Lessons 6-8

Lexical Test

Task 1

Translate from English into Russian:

Pay fees

To win a scholarship

Entrance exams

A successful career

A private school

Task 2

Translate from Russian into English:

Поставить цель


Общеобразовательная школа

Необязательный ( факультативный) предмет

Государственная школа

Task 3

Fill in the suitable words:

Compulsory          to achieve     goals             career              a scholarship

1. *** is a progress through life.

2. English is *** for all the students in our school.

3. All the students set *** for the best future when they are at school.

4. No one can *** anything without any efforts.

5. She won *** to study abroad.

Task 4

Make the sentences:

1. failed, his, exams, He, entrance.

2. of, the, schools, are, schools, Many, independent, boarding.

3. achieve, goal, our, any, We, must, at, price.

4. school-leaving, compulsory, Are, exams, or, optional?

5.graduate, from , Did, he, Oxford, Cambridge, or ?

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