Form 8. Unit 4. Lesson 1

Reading Drills

To barter- bartered- bartered; to barter smth for smth ; to barter cattle for salt. I had to barter with the locals for food. They bartered their knives for rice.

A banknote – banknotes; an old banknote, a purse with some banknotes, a wallet with some banknotes. Banknotes of different countries show queens or presidents or other famous people.

To carry – carried – carried; to carry money, to carry credit cards, to carry heavy bags. Let me carry this bag for you!The music carried her away.

A cash-machine – cash-machines; to take money out of a cash-machine.

The cash-machine wouldn’t let me have any money. There are 2 cash-machines built into the wall of this shop.

Currency = money that is actually in use in a country; gold currency, silver currency, foreign currency, local currency. The dollar was a strong currency some years ago. Our local currency is the Belarussian rouble.

A coin – coins; a golden coin, a silver coin; an ancient coin, a modern coin. We have both coins and banknotes in our country. The first coins were made from a mixture of gold and silver.

A credit card – credit cards; by credit card, in cash; to pay by credit card, to pay in cash. My family uses credit cards to pay for things. If I go abroad, I’ll take my credit card.

Paper money, old paper money, modern paper money. Paper money was invented in China. His wallet was full of coins and paper money. What’s our paper money today?

A purse – purses; a leather purse, a lovely purse. My mum’s purse is red but my sister’s purse is orange. Women prefer to have purses but men prefer to have wallets.

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