Form 11. Unit 4. Lessons 3-5

Additional material

Exercise 1

Match the opposites:

1 a hen night A a waste of time
2 a monarchy B to have one’s head in the clouds
3 to be grounded C bilingual
4 monolingual D a republic
5 noteworthy E a stag night

Exercise 2

Translate from English intoRussian:

1. a bilingual dictionary

2. an absolute monarchy

3. a low literacy rate

4. an official reception

5. an obvious (прозрачный) hint

Exercise 3

Make the plural forms of the following nouns:

Hint, area, fortress, shopping mall, landmark, venue, rate, stag night, monarchy, reception.

Exercise 4

Make the sentences:

1. is, absolute, an,The, country, monarchy.

2. got, a, He, reception, cold.

3. plane, grounded, The, was, by, problems, mechanical.

4. is, to, literacy, Their, goal, achieve, basic.

5. are, you, What, at, hinting?

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