Form 8. Unit 4. Lessons 5-6.

Additional material

Exercise 1

Put the words into the right order and read the proverbs about money.

  1. like, Friendship, oil, and, money, water, and, is.
  2. friend, your, Lend, your, lose, and, money.
  3. spent, in, the, Money, on, brain, is, spent, vain, never.
  4. no, money, No, bees, honey, no, no, work.
  5. a lack, money, of, Everyone, complains, but, about, complains, of, none, brains, about, a lack.
  6. loses much, He, who loses a friend, loses much more, he, who loses faith, he, who loses money, loses all.

Exercise 2

“Lucky Charlie Bucket” by Roald Dahl’s

Fill in the missing words:

Street    Bars     Fifth    Money    Second      Ticket      Mine      Got

«Mother!” yelled Charlie. “ Look! I’ve got it. The last Golden __1__. It’s _2_!

I found some __3__ in the __4__ and I bought two ___5_ of chocolate and the

__6__ one had The Golden Ticket. It’s the ___7__ Golden Ticket and I’ve ___8__


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