Card 7 Art

Let’s talk about art.

1. Our country is world-famous thanks to its artists, composers etc. Tell me about some of them.

Belarus is world-famous thanks to its artists: Ossip Zadkine, Kazimir Malevich, Ivan Khrutsky, Mikchail Savitsky. But the most famous is Marc Chagall. He was born in Vitebsk and started painting in his childhood. He developed his own unique style of art. Chagall’s works are in the big­gest art galleries and he was one of the few artists to exhibit works at Louvre within their lifetime.

Besides I can’t but mention a native of Volozhyn land Ferdinand Rushchits. It is difficult to overestimate his contribution to the development of Belarusian painting and graphics. He obtained recognition not only in our country but in Russia, Poland, Lithuania and other European countries.

As for the composers I can mention Anatoliy Bogatyrev, Sergey Cortez, Igor Luchenok, Dmitry Smolsky.

“Pesniary” was the best-known Soviet group from the former Belorussian SSR. It was one of the very few Soviet bands (and possibly the first one) to tour in America in 1976.They achieved top popularity in the USSR, Eastern Europe and in other countries.

So really Belarus can be proud of its talented people.

2. Do you prefer watching films at home or going to the cinema?

Well. it depends. I like to watch films at home for several reasons. Firstly, it is less expensive. Secondly, I can stop the film for a while if I need to. Finally, you can be more comfortable at home.

But I think going to the cinema is also a great experience- for the extremely large screen, 3D and most importantly, it’s a good chance to hang out with your mates.

3. Ask me some questions about the sights I have recently visited in Belarus.

— Where have you travelled recently?

-What sights did you see there?

— What time do they (the sights) belong to?

— How much were the tickets?

— What impressed you most?

— Did you buy any souvenirs?

4. Give me a piece of advice on what architectural monuments are worth visiting in Belarus.              See Card 8, 16, 20

There are lots of places in Belarus which are worth visiting, such as ancient towns, castles and architectural monuments. They are our national heritage.

        It’s impossible to visit the country and not to visit its capital. That’s why Minsk would also be an interesting point on your route. Though Minsk was destroyed almost completely during the World War II, there you can find some historical buildings which can help you to learn a bit more of the history of this city. These are the Holy Spirit Cathedral and the Red Church, Troitskoye Suburb and the Church of Piotr and Pavel. And, certainly, the diamond of modern architecture, the National Library.

As for the past of our country I would advise you to visit Nesvizh Palace and Mir Castle.    

You must visit these places in order to get unforgettable impressions of Belarus.

5. Pablo Picasso said: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when you grow up.” What do you think about it?

All human beings are creative by nature. Young children know this in their hearts, but as we grow older most of us begin to have doubts. We live in a culture that discourages creative thought and wants us to believe that artistic ability is rare. Over time, most of us learn not to color (or think) outside the box. Very often a child’s creative efforts may be criticized by parents or teachers, their work may be compared to inflexible “standards” and expectations held by others. In reality, each of us has great untapped creative potential, but like seeds, each person’s unique talents need to be cultivated, encouraged and nurtured.


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