Visiting museums

Form 10. Unit 5.

Данный материал можно использовать не только в 10-ом классе в разделе «Искусство», но и в 9-ом классе в разделе «Досуг».

Listening Exercises (script №65)

“Материалы для подготовки к экзамену”( Мельникова)

Exercise 1.Choose the correct option :

1. I know that you’ve been to … .

a) Springfield                          b) London                        c) Washington

2. There are … museums there.

a) two                                      b) four                                c) three

3. First I … to the Historical museum.

a) swam                                   b) went                              c) flew

4. The next museum I went to was the Museum of … .

a) Car                                       b) Art                                 c) Music

5. I found … paintings by Monet there!

a) two                                  b) four                               c) six

Exercise 2.True or False

1. This tells us a lot about the history of the UK.

2. The visitors can have a look at the first telephone and the first radio there.

3. I especially liked the collection of landscapes by famous impressionists.

4. The Walter Art Museum has two sections.

5. I was impressed by a vast collection of Chinese vases and Greek sculptures.

Exercise 3.Fill in the missing words

1. The visitors can ___ a lot of things which belonged to______ people in the past.

2. I forgot all about the ____ and ____ there.

3. The museum has an exposition of _______ American artists.

4. The next on my list ___ the Walter Art Museum.

5. And in the Egypt ____  I saw a real mummy.

Exercise 3.Answer the questions:

1. What can visitors see in the Historical Museum?

2. What impressed Maggie in the Museum of Art?

3. What did Maggie like in the Walter Art Museum most?

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