Form 10. Unit 7. Yakub Kolas

Предлагаю свою разработку упражнений для работы с текстом о великом писателе и поэте нашей белорусской земли. Найти текст можно в рабочей тетради ( автор Н. В. Юхнель).

Task 1

Finish the sentences:

1. The real name of Yakub Kolas is … .

2. His father was a … .

3. When a student of Niasvizh Teachers’ College … .

4. Arrested by the police … .

5. The first collection of his poems … .

6. He continues work on the poems “The New Land” and  “Symon the Musician”… .

7. He was called a “national democrat”… .

8. During the Second World War the poet … .

9. He was buried at … .

Task 2

Fill in the table about Y. Kolas’s life:

             Date                       Event
On 1 September 1906  
From 1928  
From the mid 1920s  
On 13 August 1956  

Task 3

True or False:

1. He was born  at the farmstead of Akinchitsy .

2. He began writing poetry and prose in Russian.

3. After graduating from college, the young teacher worked in the Palesse region.

4. Arrested by the police, he had to serve 5 years in prison.

5. On 1 September 1907, the Vilnia-based Belarusian newspaper Nasha Dolya published his poem “Our Native Land”.

6. In 1909, Yakub Kolas’ first book, “Second Reading for Belarusian Children” came out.

7. After release from prison, Yakub Kolas didn’t  teach.

8. The collection of his short stories “Life’s Fairy Tales” appeared in print in 1921.

9. He was buried at the Military Cemetery in Minsk.

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