Card 2 Elementary level

1. What can you tell me about your school?   1. Our school is a modern building with three floors.
2. On the ground floor there is the principal’s room, a gym and a dining room.
3. On the first floor there is a library, a teacher’s room and a lot of classrooms for different subjects.
4. The assembly hall is on the first floor, too.
5. Our second floor consists of 2 blocks and is green: there are a lot of flowers everywhere.
6. We try to keep our school clean.
7. I love my school, my classmates and my teachers.
8. I think I will miss my school after leaving it.
2. Have you decided what you will do after leaving school?   Yes, I have. I want to be a/an… (doctor/teacher/engineer/lawyer/economist/computer specialist) I am going to enter a university.
3. Ask me about the school I went to when I was young.   Where was your school situated?
Was it a village school?
Was it big?  
4. Give me a piece of advice on how to make all the pupils more attentive at the lesson. Plan your lessons. Make your lessons interesting. Give clear instructions.
5. Some people think that education is a key to success. Do you agree with it? Education is necessary. I think, basic knowledge is not enough. But all depends on a person’s talent and passion.

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