Card 6 Elementary Level

1. Tell me about the latest scientific achievements and discoveries.   1. There are a lot of important inventions in history: telephone, computer, television, light bulb, paper, etc.
2. We got used to them and sometimes forget how important they are.
3. Science is developing and we benefit from it.
4. We use its achievements in our everyday life.
5. Modern appliances [бытовая техника]: plasma TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, etc. make out live easier.
5. We use portable computers, wireless Internet and smart phones to communicate.
6. As for medicine, former fatal diseases nowadays are cured.
7. More of them will be cured in the future as scientists discovered how to make changes to the genes.
9. Scientific achievements are really important.
1o. Our life depends a lot on them.
2. Do you want to be a scientist? No, I don’t. Scientists devote their whole life to science. It’s difficult.
3. What questions will you ask a most outstanding scientist? 1. How do you generate new ideas? 2. Have you made any discoveries? 3. Is it difficult to be a scientist?
4. My niece is not very good at science. Give her a piece of advice on how to achieve better results. I advise her to read some popular articles in magazines about the life of famous scientists. Maybe, that will motivate her.
5. People are becoming more dependent on high-tech devices. Is it good or bad? It is neither good nor bad. It’s reality. But I think, people shouldn’t overuse devices.

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