Card 7 Elementary Level

1. Our country is world-famous thanks to its artists, composers, etc. Tell me about some of them.   1. You are right. Our country is rich in talented people.
2. Among them there are writers and musicians, cosmonauts and artists, sportsmen and politicians.
3. Some names are from Belarusian history and some are our contemporaries.
4. The names of Mark Shagal, Mikhail Savitsky, Gavriil Vashchenko and others are known not only in Belarus.
5. They are world famous.
6. My favourite contemporary sculptor is Vladimir Ivanovich Zhbanov.
7. You can see his sculptures in Minsk and in Dusseldorf, Germany.
8. Among his most famous works are A Girl with an Umbrella in Mikhailovsky Park, An Architect in Nezavisimosti Square and others. 
9. Thanks to such talented people our country is world famous.
2. Do you like watching films at home or going to the cinema?   I like both. Watching films at home is comfortable but going to the cinema is more exciting.
3. Ask me some questions about the sights I have recently visited in Britain.   Have you been to London?
Did you see the London Eye?
Which place did you like most?    
4. Give me a piece of advice on what architectural monuments are worth visiting in Belarus.   I would recommend Mir and Nesvizh castles and the National Library. The castles are wonderfully restored and the Library is an impressive construction.
5. Pablo Picasso said: «Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.” What do you think about it?   I think, all people are creative by nature. When people grow up, they begin to feel doubts. Their talents need support and encouragement. 

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