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Conditionals I, II, III

1. What is the type of Conditional?

1. If I played a guitar, I would become a very famous rock star.

2. If I were you, I would take part in this competition.

3. If he is late, he will miss the train.

4. If Helen had not eaten so much ice cream, she would not have fallen it.

5. If we were clever and careful, we wouldn’t live among litter and waste.

6. If Mary meets our teacher, she will ask her about the party.

7. If father buys tickets, we will go there,

8. If people had dreamed more about space flight, they would have found another planet to live on.

9. If I had felt better, I would have taken part in the competition.

10. If I am rich, I will help poor people.

11. I would have won the first prize if I had worked hard.

12. If we took care of our planet, we would not have so many environmental problems.

13. If she hadn’t studied so hard last month, she wouldn’t have passed her exam.

14. I would build a house for my Granny if I were an architect.

15. If I have an apple, I will eat it.

2. Complete the sentences putting the verbs into the correct form.

1. Of course it would be better if you ________ (to be) there too.

2. I will never finish my story if you_________ (to keep) on interrupting me.

3. If we start now, we________ (to catch) the evening train.

4. If the teenager_________ (to collect) his thoughts, he would have won the competition.

5. If she finished her research, she_________ (to take part) in the conference.

6. If I_________ (to have) something to say to a man, I’ll tell it to his face.

7. What _____ you____ (to do) if you won 500 dollars?

8. If the weather had been sunny and warm, we __________ (to go) to the country.

9. If they_________ (to know) about the consequences, they wouldn’t have dropped that cigarette pocket.

10. If John_______ (to do) his home task, he’ll go for a walk.

11. If they_________ (to take) care of their pets, the poor puppy and kittens wouldn’t have got into trouble.

12. Ann would behave well if you_______ (to take) her to a party.

13. If he felt bad, he________ (to stay) in bed.

14. If it______ (to be) safe, I will tell the truth.

15. If we had not relied on him, we_________ would not (to be) late.

3. Complete the sentences putting the verbs into the correct form.

  1. If I ________ (to hear) the noise, I ________ (to open) the door. But I hear nothing at the moment.
  2. If you_________ (to learn) the words, you________ (not to get) a bad mark tomorrow.
  3. If we ___________ (to learn) the words, we _________ (not to have) a “3” for the dictation two days ago.
  4. If he_______ (to find) her telephone number now, he _________ (to phone) her.
  5. If you ________ (not to tell) the truth next time, you_______ (to feel) sorry about it.
  6. If I ________ (to learn) Italian when I was at school, I __________ (to visit) Italy the previous summer.
  7. My parents give me so little pocket money. If I ______ (to have) more money, I ________ (to buy) a tablet.
  8. If Tony ________ (to have) a ball, he_________ (to play) a game at the next match.
  9. If I _____ (to be) a diplomat, I _________ (to travel) a lot in the future.
  10. If I ________ (to live) near the river during my holiday in July, I __________ (to go) swimming every day then.
  11. If Helen ________ (to have) the information now, she ________ (to tell) them.
  12. If he ________ (to wait) for them, he ________ (to meet) them just at the station last weekend.
  13. If I _______ (to listen) to the radio soon, I _________ (to know) all the news.
  14. If she _______ (to feel) well now, she _______ (to go) to the mountains. It’s a pity she is at the doctor’s.
  15. If you _________ (to work) hard during the 3rd term, you __________ (to pass) that test successfully.



  1. C II
  2. C II
  3. C I
  4. C III
  5. C II
  6. C I
  7. C I
  8. C III
  9. C III
  10. C I
  11. C III
  12. C II
  13. C III
  14. C II
  15. C I


  1. were
  2. keep
  3. will/shall catch
  4. had collected
  5. would take part
  6. have
  7. would you do
  8. would have gone
  9. had known
  10. does
  11. had taken
  12. took
  13. would stay
  14. is
  15.  wouldn’t have been


  1. heard, would
  2. don’t learn, will get
  3. had learned, wouldn’t have had
  4. finds, will phone
  5. don’t tell, will feel
  6. had learned, would have visited
  7. had, would buy
  8. has, will play
  9. am, will travel
  10. had lived, would have gone
  11. had, would tell
  12. had waited, would have met
  13. listen, shall know
  14. felt, would go
  15. had worked, would have passed

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