Card 10 Elementary Level

1. What national and international youth organisations do you know?   1. The biggest youth organization in Belarus is the BRSM.
2. It unites young people from 14 to 31.
3. The BRSM promotes patriotism, develops youth’s initiative and involves young people in useful public activities.
4. In Britain the largest organizations are the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides.
5. These organizations develop such skills as honesty, patriotism and kindness.
6. The Belarusian Pioneer Movement is a part of the Scout Movement.
7. I can also mention the Combined Cadet Force, the Woodcraft Folk, the Youth Hostels Association, Greenpeace.
8. In my opinion, youth organizations do useful work to help young people to take an active part in social and political life of the country.
2. Have you ever taken part in any meaningful international events? Sorry to say, I haven’t. As a member of the BRSM, I only have taken part in local events: planting trees, helping war veterans and organizing concerts.
3. What questions will you ask about a new project organised by the BRSM? How is the project called?
What is the goal of the project?
How can I contribute to the project?  
4. Some young people want to become volunteers but don’t know what to start with. What will you recommend them to do? Find an organization that’s a good fit for you. Decide what you can offer and on what schedule. Then apply to volunteer at that organization.  
5. If you have a chance to start a campaign, what will you campaign for?   If I had a chance to start a campaign, I would do something to protect our environment.
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