Form 10. Unit 8. Lesson 1

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

What 5 adjectives can you use to describe news? Use the words from the active vocabulary and add some more adjectives.

Exercise 2

  1. Write down 5 compound words with the word  “news”.
  2. Fill these words into the right sentences:

1.*** are divided into daily and weekly, state and private.

2. Would you like to be a *** on television?

3. Helen’s mum sells newspapers and magazines. She’s a … .

4. What is the most shocking *** you have seen?

5. Please help us to create this financial *** .

Exercise 3

Fill in the right prepositions:

1.She is always ____ the news.

2. I saw it___ the news.

3. David’s just told me an interesting piece _____ news.

4. Have you had the latest news ______ her marriage.

5. I bought Komsomolskaya Pravda ____ the newsagent’s yesterday.

Exercise 4

Open the brackets and use The Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous Tense

1. He had no idea why the story (make) news.

2. Nick’s dad (watch) the news at 6 o’clock yesterday.

3. When Tom’s mum (come) home, he (surf) the Net for 2 hours.

4. The newsreader (finish) his speech by 1.30 pm.

5. He (come) with good news.

6. We (hear) that item on the late news.

7. He (use) some newspapers to get the fire started.

8. I (see) it in some newspapers last week.

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