Card 13 Elementary

Let’s talk about international cooperation.

  1. Tell me how Belarus develops economic relations with other countries.
  1. Belarus is developing economic cooperation with neighbouring post-Soviet states and with foreign partners.
  2. Firstly, Belarus holds an active position in the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Eurasian Economic Union.
  3. Russia is our country’s major partner on financial, energy and security matters.
  4. Together with Russia and Kazakhstan Belarus signed the Eurasian Economic Union treaty.
  5. The countries created a common market for goods, services, capital and labour.
  6. Now there are 5 states in the union.
  7. Secondly, an important trade partner and a source of investments for Belarus is the European Union.
  8. Unfortunately, the relations between the EU and Belarus are rather tense.
  9. Thirdly, a new level of cooperation has been achieved with Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  10. Belarus is also developing economic relations with China.

     2. Do you know any international events that take place in Belarus?

          Yes, I do.  Some years ago Minsk hosted Junior Eurovision Song Contest and the World Ice Hockey Championship. Belarus Fashion Week in Minsk and “Slavyansky Bazaar in Vitebsk” are held every year.

3. You are going to travel to Britain as an exchange student. Ask questions about the exchange programme.

  • How long does the program take?
  • What are the costs?
  • Where  will I live during my exchange programme?

4. Give advice to your friend who is hosting a foreign student.

          Be polite and mind your manners. Spend time with the student. Show your student around your hometown. Begin communicating with him/her before he/she arrives.

5. Social networking is a convenient way to keep in touch with foreign friends and a good possibility to develop cooperation. What do you think about it?

          It’s true. Millions of people use social networking groups to exchange information and share their interests with their friends from all over the world. It’s convenient.

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