Form 10. Unit 8. Lesson 5

Listening №18 ( » Материалы для подготовки к экзамену»)

Task 1

Choose the correct option :

1. Did you see the … part of Pop Choice on TV last night?

A)  first                         B) second              C) third

2. There are only three …  left in the competition now.

A) sportsmen              B)   singers           C) dancers

3. The judges on the programme say exactly what they … .

A) think                         B)   want               C) wish

4. I usually agree with what they say, but that … I couldn’t.

A)    day                         B)   time               C) moment  

5. Can I come round and watch next … programme at your place?

A) week’s                      B) day’s             C) month’s

Task 2

True or False:

1.Unfortunately I had to go out so I missed it.

2. It was awful again.

3. None at school is talking about it today.

4. If someone’s no good, they  say so.

5. They’ll say something horrible about their clothes.

Task 3

Fill in the missing words:

1 I couldn’t ____ for it to _______ !

2. Oh, that’s where ________ compete for the _________ ?

3. The first prize is a ________    _________ .

4. But to prove you _____  ,  perhaps you should ___________ the competition ___________ time.

5. Even if________ is a fantastic _________ , they’ll say something _________ about their clothes.

Task 4

Answer the questions:

1.What will the winner of the competition get?

2.What does Antony think about the girl’s singing?

3.What do the speakers say about the judges*?( судьи)

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