Form 10. Unit 9. Lessons 3-4

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Translate from the Russian into the English language:

1) благодарные ученики

2) устанавливать ограничения

3) назойливая женщина

4) защитное покрытие ( layer)

5) строгая учительница английского языка

Exercise 2

Fill in the prepositions if they are necessary:

1) She indulges ___ ice-cream.

2) I don’t approve ___ your friends.

3) He spent a huge amount ___ his money.

4) I appreciate ___ fine works of arts.

5) There was a blank expression___ her face.

Exercise 3

Fill in the missing words:

Boundary              overprotective            forgive for            warned against                                                  decided against

1) He thought and _______   _______ going there.

2) It is difficult to _______ everyone _____ cruelty.

3) The river forms a natural ________ between two countries.

4) I ______ him ______ driving on ice.

5) You’re one of the most __________ parents I’ve ever seen.

Exercise 4

Put the words into the right order and make the sentences:

1) parents, very, My, strict, were.

2) mum, approve, My, of, doesn’t, meetings, mates, with.

3) much, freedom, get, If, children, bad, in, they, indulge, habits.

4) parents, always, Mary’s, warn, her, boys, against, going, out, with.

5) is, usually, He, pushy, and, rude, very.

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