Form 10. Unit 9. Lessons 5-8

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Unscramble the words and translate them:

ecsram —

iopnt —

rtust —

tergre —

nyde —

Exercise 2

Make possible phrases:

1. made up of A. his bad habits
2. to have B. smoking
3. put up with C. no point in
4. there is D. a row
5. carry on E.6 regions

Exercise 3

Fill in the missing words:

Row          scream                   mad                furious               start off

1. Eagles ***.

2. There was a *** row among friends.

3. He had just had a *** with his wife.

4. You make me so ***!

5. We *** at seven.

Exercise 4

Put the words into the right order and write the sentences:

1. can’t/ with/ I/ put up/ it/ longer/ any.

2.poem/ carries/ The/ on/ the/ over/ page.

3. book/ made/ is/ The/ up/ 20/ of/ chapters.

4. point/ take/ I/ your.

5. don’t/ regret/ I/ to/ moving/ York.

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