Form 9. Unit 1. Lesson 1

Lexical Drills

Exercise 1

Match the words with the opposite meaning:

Get on well Don’t trust
Confident Nuclear
To rely on Divided into
Extended Fall out
Close-knit Shy

Exercise 2

Fill in the missing words:

1. A *** family is a family where children or a child live with only a mum or a dad.

2. A husband, a wife and their children are  a *** family.

3. A brother and a sister are my ***.

4. I trust my friend and can always *** him.

5. Several generations (поколение) of relatives are an *** family.

6. Mike can *** with this task himself.

7. My family always *** me.

8. Her family is very friendly so I can say they are a *** family.

Exercise 3

Unscramble the questions and answer them:

1. is, a, What, family, nuclear?

2. you, Do, have, siblings?

3. do, you, with, Who, get, well, on ?

4. Is, family, close- knit, your, a, family?

5. do, Why, feel, you, secure, your, in, family?

Exercise 4

Choose the correct prepositions:

1. Jane usually gives me a shoulder to cry ____ .

2. Mike grew up ___ a single-parent family.

3. Do you and your friend often get __ well or often fall ___ ?

4. The house where my family lived was surrounded __ the hedge.

5. Do you feel support of your friends ___ difficult situations?

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