What is more important: family or work?

Some ideas for discussion. Forms 9, 11.

Families are idealized by the society. Not every person can get love and support in his or her family.
Career is not just work. Career can give you comfort.
Money supports our daily life, but it can’t buy happiness.
No matter how hard you try to work for a company, when you slip up, they criticize you.
Work is something you do to survive, to satisfy your daily demands.
You can quit your job, but it is impossible to abandon your family.
You can find another job, but your family will always be the one you were born to.
Ambitious young people who devote their life to their career, have no time for their friends and family.
If a person hasn’t got a family, job can give him happiness, help to release stress and make him more self-complete.
Sometimes people in the family are unreliable. Losing a job then can be a real misfortune.
You spend most of your waking time working, so your career defines you.
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