Form 8. Unit 1. Lesson 6

Legends of the two lands

На данном уроке рассматриваются легенды двух стран. Одна из них посвящена озеру Нарочь. Предлагаю вам оценить мою версию этой легенды. Если не останетесь равнодушными, то примените её у себя на уроке. 

Many years ago
There lived a nice girl.
She had got a sweet voice
And sang wonderful songs,

Sitting near a lake,
Played the fairy bells.
She was happy enough
‘Cause she loved and was loved.

But one day a rich lord
Who was cruel and old
was entranced by her voice,
was entranced by her songs.

Ordered her: «Be my wife!
Be a part of my life!
Leave your groom and forget
All the best that you’ ve had!»

But she loved and was loved,
Couldn’t leave her beloved.
She was suddenly caught,
In the castle was brought.

She was closed in the room,
hidden from her loved groom.
Then she heard he was dead,
Understood it was end!

And she left that lord’s place,
What a terrible fate!
So she ran to that lake,
Dived and never came back!

Nara drowed in that lake,
And it got its nice name.
So this story is sad
But the legend’s not bad.








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